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  • The “thutt” makeover: Improving the buttocks

    By William Bruno, MD 

    Many patients are seeking to improve the appearance of their lower body, in particular, their buttocks. Over the last five to ten years, fat transfer to the buttock (Brazilian buttock lift") has become increasingly popular in the United States. Statistics from "The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery indicate that over 10,000 buttock augmentations and lifts were performed in the US last year. 

  • Can DNA predict what’s best for your skin?

    Judging from the vast array of jars jostling for counter space in your bathroom, there’s nary a one of us who is immune to the marketing mumbo-jumbo of skincare products. “Wipe out wrinkles in 10 days,” “eradicate age spots,” or “erase under eye circles” — the promises are just too good. So we plunk down the cash, apply as directed, and wait, hoping for the best.  

  • Is plastic surgery a solution to bullying?

    Getting picked on and being bullied is nothing new to the 21st century, but lately bullying is getting more and more coverage by the press. These days there are school assemblies and lesson plans on bullying, articles on anti-bullying, anti-bullying political agendas and anti-bullying policies in public schools. 

    But no matter how much we try to address the issue, bullying seems to run rampant. If anything, it is probably getting worse with the convenience and anonymity of the Internet. 

  • Do French women get facelifts?

    Put the word “French” in front of anything – designers, food, wine, perfume, pastries or face cream - and the price goes up. From Brigitte Bardot to Catherine Deneuve, the French twist ups the ante. Are French women more beautiful, sophisticated, better-dressed, elegant, sensual, refined and mysterious? I don’t know, but they sure would like you to think so. 

  • Is There Such A Thing As DIY Plastic Surgery?

    By Ron Robinson 

    So, I was watching Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb on the Today Show this morning (yes, I enjoy some daytime television), and they were talking about the Fullips Natural Lip Enhancer -- a tool for fuller, healthier-looking lips without the use of injections or chemicals. Kathie Lee explained that Cosmo’s beauty editor loved it! If it worked for her, then it most certainly should work for all of us. Right? 

  • Target those stubborn dry skin areas!

    Hey ladies, last week we looked at your overall winter skincare routine. This week, let’s focus on those cold weather problem areas — namely your eyes, lips, elbows, knees, and feet — where winter likes to set up a veritable flaky, dry skin factory. 

  • 2014 skincare resolutions

    By Zipporah Sandler 

    New Year’s Day has passed, and while I made my resolutions, I didn’t really share them with too many people for fear of failure. The resolution to turn back the clock is front and center for me, since I turn sixty in February. 

  • Facial exercises for facial rejuvenation, do they work?

    By John Van Borsel, PhD of Ghent, Belgium 

    Physical beauty plays an important role in present day society. Physical beauty is limited to the age, however, and with advancing age good looks diminish. Signs of aging are particularly noticeable in the face. 

  • 12 Common Beauty Myths Debunked - Yay or Nay?

    Do I really need to drink ALL that water? Do I need to spend a freakin’ fortune to look dewy Will eating Greek Yogurt make my husband look like John Stamos? These are the types of burning questions that keep me up at night. Some of these myths have been around forever and others pop up now and again with a different answer. Like knowing whether it's OK to eat eggs or not, I feel like the jury comes in with a different verdict on that one daily. 

  • New Year, new you: Undoing December’s damage

    Oh, the weather outside is frightful (“Polar Vortex,” people), and the view from inside isn’t that great either. You’re probably taking stock of the damage that December’s holiday hammer has put on your person — namely a dehydrated and dull complexion, chapped flaky lips, and itchy dry skin. We here at Smart Beauty Guide aren’t going to be taking this New Year’s nonsense lying down… and we’re not going to let you either. 

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