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  • Three ways to tackle unsightly spider veins

    Spiders. Whether your instinct is to run screaming for the nearest shoe, or gently (and with trepidation) coax the wee creature onto a tissue and deposit his leggy-being outdoors — I think we can all agree we want him gone. But if you thought that bathroom showdown with an actual spider was bad, let’s talk about something worse: spider veins. And they’re not just for grandma anymore.  

    In fact, spider veins can spread their veiny goodness onto legs, and faces, and arms of any age — they’re cool like that. 

  • Taming the tummy after weight loss

    By Zipporah Sandler 

    If like me, you’ve had a few babies or have lost a significant amount of weight recently then you might have a small (or perhaps not-so-small) problem with extra fat and skin in the abdominal area that just won’t go away. For many women the battle of the bulge doesn’t stop with diet and exercise alone. The abdominal muscles and skin that have been stretched beyond their limits won’t always snap back into place and can be a cause for low self-esteem. 

  • Combat cellulite with a healthy diet

    Cellulite is a problem that plagues the vast majority of women and quite a few men. Surveys reveal that nearly 90% of women and 10% of men have cellulite, prompting many of them to visit the plastic surgeon’s office. 

  • 8 More Beauty Myths Debunked - Seriously, Who Knew?

    My last post on beauty myths was such a hit, I thought I'd give you another chance to test your anti-aging acumen and set some records straight. For starters, it is true that if you become a vampire you will in fact stop aging, though you'll probably need to start getting spray tans … and the jury is still out on whether those fumes are harmful. Though I guess if you were technically undead some spray tan fumes wouldn't be an issue. 

  • 3 game-changers in anti-aging

    Lions and tigers and bears — Oh my! If the dangers of Oz made poor Dorothy quake in her ruby slippers, just imagine how the poor gal would cower at today’s modern fears: flushing and sagging and jowls. OH MY… GOD! 

  • 3 Types of Botox: Which is best for you?

    With each passing year, those stubborn lines trotting across my forehead and the infamous “elevens” between my eyes are getting more and more distinct. I started looking into some minimally invasive procedures to soften those lines and discovered that Botox is not a procedure, but rather, a brand name. 

    Just like Ziploc and Kleenex, the term Botox is used to define a procedure that actually has several different competing products on the market. 

  • Taking “star struck” to a whole new level

    One of the many fascinations of Liberace’s life as portrayed in the HBO bio/drama “Behind the Candelabra” is his boyfriend’s, Scott Thorson’s, plastic surgery. The goal of Thorson’s rhinoplasty, chin implant and restructured cheekbones was to make him look as much like Liberace as possible. 

  • The rise of ethnic plastic surgery: How do you define beauty?

    By Ron Robinson 

    We’ve heard the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But that “beholder” may not just refer to a personal preference, but the preference of an entire ethnicity. 

    Whether you’re from the USA, China or India, people all over the world base their definition of ideal beauty on certain facial proportions and cultural ideas. And, funny enough, it usually falls within the lines of: whatever you don’t have, you want. 

  • Winterize your beauty and skincare regimen

    It’s cold. Really cold. “Polar Vortex” cold. Winter 2014 has packed a wallop when it comes to dipping temperatures, and despite your best efforts, your skin is likely showing it. 

    The turning of the seasons isn’t something to be sniffed at, as each spring, summer, fall, and winter comes with its own special brand of beauty pitfalls. From spring’s fight with unwanted hair, to summer’s punishing UV rays, your regimen is liable to change according to the calendar — which means that your products and procedures should too.  

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