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  • The Fountain of Youth is filled with smoothies

    So many people want to jump on the blended band wagon, but they think it's a ton of work. As a self-proclaimed loafer, I guarantee there's little to no work involved (hello, I'm the same person that's too lazy to go back in the shower and shave the leg I forgot about). 

  • Acid: Yesterday’s skin staple today

    Acid reflux, acid rain, acid rock — those four little letters, A-C-I-D, are associated with a wide array of unpleasantness. Yet in the world of skincare, acid is nearly akin to a miracle in its ability to fight the cruel signs of aging. Why? Because it works.  

    Even the most respected anti-aging treatments come with their own special brand of misunderstandings, and acid peels — both over-the-counter and under — are no different. So let’s peel back the light of day and clear up some commonly held misconceptions about the use of acids in skincare. 

  • Eyelid surgery and LASIK: What’s the right timing?

    By Dr. Elliot W. Jacobs 

    Perhaps you’ve reached the point in life where you’re not sure which bothers you more: changes in your vision that impact your ability to see well, or changes in your eyelids that impact how others see you. 

    If this sounds familiar, you may be considering LASIK to restore clear eyesight and blepharoplasty to open up your eyelids and bring back a vibrant, youthful appearance. But how should you time the procedures?  

  • Invisible undereye girdle works like Spanx

    According to Living Proof, a high tech beauty company, “Every day should be a good hair day.” Now, they are trying to make every day a good undereye day. 

  • Men vs. women: Celebrity plastic surgery attitudes

    By Constantino G. Mendieta MD FACS 

    Celebrities influence how people not only think about plastic surgery, but what they would like to have done or whom they would like to look like. 

    There is a dramatic difference between the way men and women see and think of themselves when it comes to plastic surgery – even more so, when it comes to looking like someone else. 

  • Is plastic surgery part of everyday life now?

    Plastic surgery has come a long way in recent years. The procedures have been perfected and are not as expensive as they once were, and extensive advertising and media exposure makes the idea seem more mainstream.  

    Which begs the question, is plastic surgery part of everyday life now? 

    Fifty years ago, if a woman didn’t like the way her face looked, she may invest in expensive creams or heavier makeup. If she thought her breasts were too small, she might shop for a padded bra. These days, many women are going right for plastic surgery. 

  • Have you given up on Retin-A?

    When I turned 40, a new eye shadow or blush just didn’t cut it. My skin was looking tired. I went for a consult at a top New York teaching hospital. The doctor there had one suggestion for me: Retin-A. Even more significant was the off-the-cuff advice I got from her assistant, a radiant outdoorsy blonde with glowing skin who said, “If I could, I would bathe in Retin-A.” 

    Real Simple magazine interviewed a doctor who said, “People use Retin-A too much, use it too often, experience negative side effects and then give up on it too soon.” 

  • Treating post-op skin -- To wash or not to wash one’s face

    By: Ron Robinson 

    You know what I love most about those plastic surgery shows? It’s seeing the people during the healing process. It’s the days or weeks later that really interests me. We might see them changing their bandages or going to the doctor’s office for a follow-up, but what I always want to see is how they take care of their sensitive, postsurgical skin. 

  • Three ways to tackle unsightly spider veins

    Spiders. Whether your instinct is to run screaming for the nearest shoe, or gently (and with trepidation) coax the wee creature onto a tissue and deposit his leggy-being outdoors — I think we can all agree we want him gone. But if you thought that bathroom showdown with an actual spider was bad, let’s talk about something worse: spider veins. And they’re not just for grandma anymore.  

    In fact, spider veins can spread their veiny goodness onto legs, and faces, and arms of any age — they’re cool like that. 

  • Taming the tummy after weight loss

    By Zipporah Sandler 

    If like me, you’ve had a few babies or have lost a significant amount of weight recently then you might have a small (or perhaps not-so-small) problem with extra fat and skin in the abdominal area that just won’t go away. For many women the battle of the bulge doesn’t stop with diet and exercise alone. The abdominal muscles and skin that have been stretched beyond their limits won’t always snap back into place and can be a cause for low self-esteem. 

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