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  • Why It’s Important To Have a Medical Exam Before Plastic Surgery

    We are conditioned to believe that cosmetic procedures aren’t “really” surgery and are inherently safer and risk-free. But ultimately, surgery is surgery, and a lot of the same precautions will exist whether you are getting a tummy tuck, nose job or an illness-related medical procedure. 

  • Do Your Ears Hang Low? Earlobe Reduction Can Fix That!

    "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" is a song you might remember from your childhood. Though this ditty is meant to bring on the laughs, it's actually not so funny if you're one of the many who are unhappy with their ears. Being dissatisfied with your appearance can greatly affect your self-esteem, confidence, general attitude towards life and the day-to-day way you deal with other people. 

  • Upcycling Plastic Surgery

    Upcycling might seem like an odd word choice when one thinks of Plastic Surgery, but it’s really quite apt when it comes to certain techniques used in everyday practice. Essentially, it refers to removing material from one area and finding a better use for it elsewhere. 

  • Most Common Surgical Procedures for Gen Xers (When Did We Get So OLD?)

    I’ve been called a Gen X-pert. I’ve hosted shows based on Generation X and been a guest on talk shows as a representative of my generation. Personally, I think we tend to see ourselves as adults who never really grew up. We’ve got an unusual tendency to be nostalgic of our youth while still feeling youthful. I kind of love that about us. What I don’t love is when I look in the mirror and realize what I see in my mind doesn’t match what I see in my reflection. 

  • Wanna Be Like Mike? Magic Mike? We’ve Got a Procedure for That!

    With the stigma surrounding plastic surgery subsiding, I’m seeing a growing influx of men coming into my practice for an aesthetic procedure and it isn’t limited to my practice either. In fact, over the past five years, the number of men undergoing plastic surgery has gone up by a whopping 43%, according to the annual statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). More than ever, the media is playing a significant role in how men are feeling about themselves and influencing their decision to undergo plastic surgery. 

  • Does the Couple that Gets Plastic Surgery Together Stay Together? The Answer Might Surprise You!

    The longer I am married, (it will be 18 years this December,) the more I’ve come to realize that marriage is not a sprint but really a long and protracted marathon - and the only way to keep yourself going is to keep your pace slow and steady and rely on your running buddy whenever you start to feel a bit faint. It also requires that you find ways to continually support and prop one another up - lest one of you lose your way and fall out the proverbial race.  

  • The Power of the Pen

    The list of non-surgical aesthetic procedures I'm willing to try just grew by one, and with very good reason. Microneedling has a proven track record of skin repair, and now there's a new post-procedure topical treatment designed to support it. Bellus Medical recently launched Skinfuse, a post-microneedling treatment to optimize the results of microneedling with SkinPenTM , also a Bellus Medical product. 

  • Using Anti-Aging Products in Your Twenties

    That first fine line, wrinkle, gray hair... We expect that in our thirties, as life and the stress that comes with it begins to take its toll. But sometimes, those signs begin to appear earlier. Or, sometimes, we decide to nip those signs in the bud before they even occur. 

    A lot is said about the benefits of preventative anti-aging treatments. It sounds like an obvious tactic to stay young forever: Start preserving your youth before it starts to fade. But is it as simple as that? Can starting an anti-aging regime in our twenties keep us looking younger longer? 

  • Fillers Gone Wrong: What to Know Before The Syringe Touches Your Skin

    As fillers like Radiesse, Juvederm, and Restylane grow in popularity, so does the long list of mishaps from poorly-trained professionals— one of the top reasons to see a board-certified plastic surgeon for dermal fillers. Issues range from minor under-treatment to potentially serious life-threatening/altering and often illegal silicone injections. 

  • Need a Lift? 4 Techniques for the Perfect Breast Lift

    Let’s be real with each other: there may come a point where our tatas’ perkiness itself bids us ta ta. And what if you don’t necessarily need more volume? When implants are extraneous, but your girls need a little lift, a mastopexy (breast lift) may be exactly what you need to feel good about your bust. Should you do it at the first sign of sagginess or wait until after you have kids? Who should and should not have this procedure done? We caught up with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. 

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