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  • Scars and the Art of Plastic Surgery

    A scar is nature’s thread, mending broken or cut skin with a waterproof closure. A skin cut initiates a complex inflammatory process designed to manufacture that thread. Like a skilled army, specialized cells lay down a clot to stop the bleeding, while wound-healing chemicals flow to the rescue. One of those chemicals is histamine. 

    Histamine stretches out a blood vessel like a stocking, opening up little holes to allow special healing cells to leak out. You might be familiar with a certain side effect: Histamine can make scars itch. 

  • Is Mixing Skincare Products Dangerous?

    Skincare seems simple enough. We cleanse, we tone, we moisturize. We may throw serums or masques or peels into the mix. If one product runs out, we may switch to another, ignoring brand, primary ingredients or regimen. Perhaps we may consider mixing or layering products and treatments for various results and that’s totally fine, right? All skincare is good skincare. Actually, that’s just not the case.  

  • Knee Fat: The Silent Cue to Aging You Never Expected

    Imagine this: You’re a total health nut and run 5 days a week and spend the rest of your waking hours toiling over every bit of organic lettuce you put in your mouth. Your skin is radiant, your hair is long and healthy, and you have the optimal fat to muscle ratio working throughout your body— so you wear short skirts and cutoff shorts even though you’re far beyond the unspoken nothing-above-the-knees-past-30 rule that our mothers’ generation dutifully obeyed. 

  • Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin with the CoolMini Applicator

    A tight, taut jawline is a sign of youth and beauty–It’s something most of us don’t realize the value of until it’s gone. If you’ve been bemoaning your double chin wishing there was a way to spot reduce, technology has just made it a lot easier. 

  • Getting Back To Your Pre-Baby Body with “Mamacita” Surgery

    Motherhood is an exciting time in a woman’s life. With all the new experiences, joys and worries that come with having a child, one battle every new mom faces is getting back to her pre-pregnancy body.  

    Often women will back-burner their own needs for the time-consuming job of a caring for a new baby. Even when moms finally find some time to get into a regular workout routine, that excess fat might not drop off as easy as they might have hoped for.  

  • Is Vontouring the Answer To Your Waning Sex Life?

    You’re probably contouring those cheekbones, and maybe even utilizing contouring, strobing concepts or baby lights when refreshing the highlights in your hair. But have you considered the latest contouring trend… vontouring yet? 

  • Can a Mommy Makeover Restore Your Pre Baby Body?

    A procedure that has been receiving a lot of media attention is the mommy makeover. Patients have visited my office requesting a “mommy makeover” even when they don’t know exactly what that means! I thought it might be a good idea to go over what the term means, and why it is becoming so popular. 

  • Skin Conditions That Can Be Treated with IPL Photo Facial

    You may have seen Intense Pulsed Light treatment (IPL) being offered at your local med spa and wondered if it was a good choice for your skin. IPL is known to help improve acne rosacea, treat irregular pigmentation, dark sun spots, and reduce fine facial lines. Patients should be aware that IPL treatment is not the same as a laser treatment. 

  • Botox Injections Reduce Pain in Immediate Post- Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Using Expanders

    Botulinum toxin A injections (including Botox, Dysport and Xeomin) have been the #1 nonsurgical procedure nationwide since 2000. In 2014, more than three million botulinum toxin procedures were performed. The injectable is known for temporarily reducing muscle mobility for either aesthetic or functional purposes and is a popular go-to choice for anyone seeking to address early signs of aging. 

  • Don’t Let Those Droopy Brows Drag You Down!

    If droopy brows are concerning you, then you may be a good candidate for either a browlift or a forehead lift. So what should you do when your face’s best frame needs a lift? We caught up with Dr. Michael Law to find out. Here he highlights the differences between the procedures, the myriad options available, (most of which I was previously unaware of) and whether or not you’re a good candidate.  

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