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  • Study reveals higher level of safety at accredited facilities

    Millions of people across the globe request cosmetic procedures each year, whether they're looking to improve the appearance of their bodies following extreme weight loss or looking to make their face a bit more symmetrical with corrective surgery. While most individuals remain aware of the ramifications that may occur following their surgeries, some do not recognize the importance of investing in a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

  • Staying healthy prior to your cosmetic procedure

    Opting for cosmetic surgery is a very important decision in some people's lives. There are several precautions to take 48 hours prior to your procedure, such as heeding doctor's recommendations and avoiding unhealthy risk factors, but there are ways to substantially increase your health months before your operation - steps that may be key for guaranteeing your operation is as safe and effective as possible. 

  • Post-op maintenance: Staying healthy following your procedure

    Just because your operation is over doesn't mean that it's time to stop caring for your body. Monitoring how you treat yourself in the weeks immediately following your procedure is essential to ensuring your results and overall health remain positive. 

  • The growing dangers of DIY plastic surgery

    While some jobs, such as quilt making and lamp shade decoration, lend themselves to the recent do-it-yourself trend, others are best left to the pros, such is the case with cosmetic surgery. 

  • Things to know before your surgery

    Going under the knife for any reason can be a little scary, whether you're having your appendix removed or undergoing a breast augmentation. But unlike other surgeries, cosmetic procedures are surrounded by a haze of myths and unnecessary fears, from physical concerns to monetary ones. Clyde H. 

  • Nevada: No room for untrained docs who perform plastic surgery

    You can still lose your shirt in Nevada, but it is less likely that you will undergo botched plastic surgery. News 3, Las Vegas TV News, reports that new laws go into effect this month to control how doctors advertise themselves. Here is what doctors are now required to indicate in their ads: 

  • French executive sentenced for selling faulty breast implants

    The executive of a French breast implant company was convicted of aggravated fraud for manufacturing and selling implants equipped with non-medically approved silicone, NPR reported. 

  • Fake doctor allegedly gave silicone injections to patients

    Another doctor performing unsafe plastic surgery procedures has struck again. 

  • Houston couple provided illegal implants

    A Houston couple was arrested Nov. 1 for performing a range of unauthorized plastic surgery procedures, including breast implants, liposuction and body contouring, the Houston Chronicle reported. 

  • Patients sue non-doctors because of complications from cosmetic laser surgery

    The number of lawsuits alleging cosmetic laser surgery complications is growing. Researchers from the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) began to question the credentials of those being sued, so they performed a study. The results showed that the lawsuits are frequently directed at non-physician operators, such as nurses, medical assistants, technicians and interns. Findings, published in JAMA Dermatology, were reported on by 

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