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  • Cosmetic trends for the new year

    Bye-bye, tummy tuck, and hello, brachioplasty: As the new year rolls around, individuals interested in cosmetic surgery are shying away from more traditional trends in lieu of less-than-conventional body shaping surgeries. While procedures including liposuction and rhinoplasties will remain popular in the upcoming year, several innovative methods have emerged that experts believe may see an increase in patients. From crafting more realistically shaped breast implants to removing fat underneath the eye without surgery, here are some cosmetic trends that 2014 has in store: 

  • Do-it-yourself gadgets claim to deliver plastic surgery results

    Plastic surgery in Asia, especially Japan, Taiwan and South Korea is flourishing, but it's somewhat different than the plastic surgery culture we know in the States. Here, there is a big focus on anti-aging. In Asia, in addition to anti-aging, plastic surgery is a means for very young people to achieve ideal beauty standards. 

  • Are more people trying to look like celebrities?

    People weren't quite sure what to think when Ukranian model Valeria Lukyanova, nicknamed the "real-life Barbie," became Internet famous after pictures of her circulated on the Internet. 

  • Plastic surgery app for kids causes controversy

    It's not unusual to see mobile and Web apps that center around plastic surgery, but one new program has sparked an online controversy.  

  • 'The Hobbit' sparks plastic surgery among fans

    Many cosmetic patients look to movie stars as their ultimate plastic surgery models, but how many bring in a picture of a J.R.R. Tolkien character as their prime example? According to Moviefone, it may be more than you think. 

  • Will Google Glass revolutionize plastic surgery?

    When Internet giant Google released its latest invention, the Google Glass, in February 2013, many were skeptical whether the new technological device would catch on. The specially designed headgear features transparent lenses that work as an Android-powered computer. While perched on the bridge of your nose, the glasses allow you to view images, films and computer applications through the small screen. However, one plastic surgeon in Chicago is using Google Glass for much more than checking the weather reports or sending a text message.  

  • Which countries get the most plastic surgery?

    The International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery released an infographic on international cosmetic procedures performed in 2011. The results may surprise those who believe that plastic surgery is ubiquitous in the US.  

  • Santa Claus last seen toting bag of plastic surgery gift certificates

    Remember the song, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth?" Not only does that date you, but the message is a thing of the past.  Most of us want veneers, and that's just for starters. The average plastic surgery menu includes everything from Botox to facelifts to "Mommy Makeovers." 

  • Is plastic surgery on your Christmas list?

    If you're wishing for a slimmer nose this Christmas, you may not be the only one - recent reports have revealed that more people are asking Santa for plastic surgery procedures. 

    From Richmond, Va., to Detroit, plastic surgeons have been noticing an uptick in inquiries and appointments for both invasive and non-invasive procedures. Many of the requests come from people looking to give a unique gift to their spouse, significant other or family member.  

  • Manscaping on the rise: facials, Botox and lasers

    Men are taking a look at women and finally realizing that as both sexes hit 50 and beyond, women look better than men ─ not because women are the fairer sex, but because they work harder at beauty. 

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