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  • What does the merger of two cosmetic giants mean?

    Allergan, the company that developed Botox as well as many other innovative multi-specialty healthcare products, has been offered $54 billion dollars to merge with Valeant, an aesthetic giant in its own right. At the moment Allergan is saying 'let's keep it in the family' while Valeant continues to nip at its heels. 

  • Engagement photos may inspire hand-lifts

    Wedding season is upon us, and while some brides may be considering cosmetic procedures to help improve the fit of their gown for the big day, others are looking to slim down their hands to create more elegant engagement photos. 

  • Will a dimpleplasty improve your smile?

    Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway may be known for their Oscar-nominated performances in a variety of films, but they are also easily recognizable by one facial feature that denotes femininity: their dimples. 

  • Will Google Glass make its way into the operating room?

    A number of plastic surgeons have adopted wearable devices, 3-D technology and robotic assistants while working with patients, but will Google Glass affect the way medical professionals communicate with patients or conduct their surgeries? 

    At the 2014 Aesthetic Meeting in San Francisco, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery announced a number of advancements that would impact the realm of cosmetic surgery in the future. Google Glass was featured for the ways it could affect plastic surgery not only in the operating room, but during patient consultations as well. 

  • Athletes seek cosmetic surgery after sports injuries

    With all the bashing, hitting and crushing associated with popular sports, it's no surprise that a number of the nation's top athletes seek surgeries to fix flaws acquired while playing the game.  

  • Plastic surgery conference highlights new trends for 2014

    Much like other medical fields, the realm of cosmetic surgery is constantly changing, adapting to new technologies and finding more efficient ways to deliver service to patients. At the 2014 Aesthetic Meeting in San Francisco, medical professionals from the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF) presented a number of "Premier Global Hot Topics" that may affect the future of plastic surgery. 

  • Statistics 2013: Cosmetic surgery on the rise [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) indicate that cosmetic surgery has come back from “The Great Recession” of 2008 in a major way. There was a double digit, 12% increase in the amount of cosmetic procedures from the previous year, adding up to a landmark $12 billion in total spent by Americans in 2013. Liposuction increased 16.3% last year and bumped breast augmentation into the number two spot, followed by eyelid surgery, tummy tuck and nose surgery. 

  • Does Photoshop prompt plastic surgery?

    "Selfie" may have been named the word of 2013, but the quest for having the perfect self-taken image has marked a number of beauty trends for 2014. While one organization reported that the obsession with selfies could be greatly influencing the number of people seeking plastic surgery, ABC News reported that another image-focused application might also be a contributing influence: Photoshop. 

  • ASAPS welcomes new president

    Former Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, president-elect of the Clark County Medical Society, and member of Anson, Edwards and Higgins Plastic Surgery Associates, Dr. Michael Edwards has had his fair share of executive responsibility throughout his lifetime. Beginning in late April, Edwards will add president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to his impressive, ever-growing list of credentials. 

  • Surgeons see rise in mother-daughter cosmetic procedures

    She gave birth to you, fed you and raised you: Would it be so weird if she visited the surgeon with you? 

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