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  • Plastic surgery etiquette: Can I compliment?

    As more people turn to cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearances, many others are left wondering: Can I say something? 

    Much like asking a woman whether she's pregnant, asking a person if they've had plastic surgery is not generally socially acceptable. However, there are ways that people can acknowledge and compliment procedures without coming out and directly asking about them. 

    Some of the nation's top surgeons have weighed in and offered advice concerning conversations about cosmetic procedures.  

  • First lady may consider plastic surgery in the future

    First lady Michelle Obama graces the latest cover of People magazine, but the "Mom in Chief" didn't just talk about her education, veterans or nutrition initiatives. In fact, much of the interview discussed the first lady's post-White House plans - one of which may be plastic surgery.  

    According to The Associated Press, when asked whether she would be interested in going under the knife or receiving Botox, Obama did not completely rule out plastic surgery.  

  • Ring in the New Year with plastic surgery

    Many Americans were hoping to receive a gift certificate for a plastic surgery procedure beneath the Christmas tree this year, and, according to recent reports from women's magazines to major news sites, many of them did. So, when's a better time to use that cherished present than within the first days of the New Year? 

  • Quick and easy tricks to live a healthy lifestyle

    What makes a healthy lifestyle? It's a question that has many answers, and sometimes, it's easier to think of things we do that have a negative impact on our lifestyle. Perhaps you are a smoker who can't kick the habit, or maybe you feel guilty about the gym membership that's gathering dust and costing you a fortune. It can be hard to address some of these changes, but we have a few quick and easy tricks that will give your lifestyle a makeover.