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  • What to think about when you want a facelift

    Botox and injectable fillers are soaring in popularity, but the facelift, with its long-lasting results, is holding its own. According to statistics published by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), in 2012, 119,006 facelifts were performed compared with 116,066 facelifts in 20ll, representing a 2.5 percent increase. 

  • Is a nonsurgical nose job for you?

    Thirty-five-year-old Olivia Kraus has always been unhappy about the appearance of her nose. But she was afraid to have nose surgery because she understood that results of a rhinoplasty are permanent. 

  • Is eyelid surgery the latest plastic surgery trend?

    Ever since former news anchor and current "Big Brother" and "The Talk" host Julie Chen went on record saying she received eyelid surgery while working as a reporter at age 25, the plastic surgery procedure has been thrust into the spotlight. While the operation is among the top cosmetic procedures performed in Asian countries, recent reports suggest that eyelid surgery - or blepharoplasty - is increasing in popularity across the globe. 

  • Facial procedures might lift your mood

    Going under the knife has numerous benefits, one of which might be to lift your self-esteem - particularly in the case of rhinoplasty. A recent study from researchers at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia found that patients who have received nose jobs saw a rise in their self-confidence and overall improvement of their lifestyle, according to Reuters. 

  • FaceTime leads to dramatic increase in chin implants

    Have you ever hit your iPhone "FaceTime" button by mistake? You will be startled by an image of yourself that is a far cry from how you look in a mirror. Your FaceTime image can range from unflattering to grotesque. Your eyes will be lowered, your nostrils will be prominent, your jaw will be set, the corners of your mouth downturned and, if you are a certain age, your chin will be pebbly, like the seashore. 

  • Some facial surgeries make you look younger and others make you look more attractive

    A study published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery raised a lot of eyebrows because of unexpected results. Pre and postoperative photos of 37 women and 12 men who underwent facial rejuvenation procedures like facelifts, brow lifts and eyelid cosmetic surgery (blepharoplasty) were evaluated by independent reviewers. Study results showed that plastic surgery made people look about three years younger but had an insignificant effect on their perceived attractiveness. 

  • Surgical versus nonsurgical cosmetic options for the face

    Both surgical and nonsurgical options will refresh the appearance of your face, but, as you may expect, the level of improvement will not be the same and the surgical options will yield more significant and longer lasting results. From your hairline to the base of the neck, here are some of the surgical and nonsurgical approaches to common facial problems that occur with aging: 

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