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  • The role of race in plastic surgery

    A person's ethnicity can affect his or her plastic surgery experience in a number of ways. Race can influence which area a patient seeks to improve, which procedures he or she undergoes, and it can also help predict risks and complications associated with some surgeries. 

  • Crafting cheekbones with cosmetic surgery

    From chin implants to facelifts, there are a variety of procedures that can alter the appearance of one's face. Individuals looking to add a bit of plumpness or definition to their cheeks may benefit from cheek augmentation or facial implants, both surgeries that can affect cheek structure. 

  • Ensuring safety for Botox and filler injections

    There are a variety of choices available when electing for a nonsurgical, injectable procedure. Whether you're looking to minimize wrinkles, add firmness to your face or provide a bit more plumpness to your cheeks, fillers can help greatly impact the structure and appearance of desired areas. 

  • Surgeons see rise in interest for eyebrow transplants

    Some women prefer plucking their brows until they have to fill in the space with makeup pencils while others opt for a more natural shape, but according to a new report from Transform, a rising number of people are seeking eyebrow transplants to resemble the bushier brows of stars like Brooke Shields and Cara Delevingne. 

  • Examining the different types of ear surgery

    Individuals looking to add a little​ oomph to their ears are in luck, as there exist a number of procedures specifically geared toward restructuring these prominent lobes. While some patients are looking to correct ears that are seemingly too large or misshapen, others seek procedures that will allow them to don unusual shapes based on their favorite fictional characters. 

  • Is your passport ready for plastic surgery abroad?

    Choosing to have plastic surgery abroad may seem appealing if the prices are lower, but choosing to have cosmetic enhancements across the border may affect more than your health. While there is a wealth of surgeons that are members of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, patients should be sure to consider all the factors before having their surgery in another country.  

  • FDA gives the nod to Ultherapy for noninvasive skin lifting

    When most people agonize about fleshy extra skin under the chin or concentric rings on the neck, they immediately think about getting a facelift. Certainly, a facelift would do the trick but some cannot face a surgical procedure. Now, there's an alternative noninvasive procedure called "Ultherapy" that lifts via "sound," is commonly known as ultrasound but yields less dramatic results than a facelift. 

  • Stars: Never say never to cosmetic procedures

    A number of celebrities have already received and actively endorsed cosmetic procedures, and even some of Hollywood's A-list actresses who have not yet undergone surgeries have recently spoken out in favor of a little nip and tuck. Notable celebrities who have had cosmetic work done include Jennifer Grey, who underwent several rhinoplasties in 1989, and Courteney Cox Arquette, who has admitted to using Botox facial injections. 

  • Nonprofit provides plastic surgery to bullied kids

    A New York City nonprofit is using plastic surgery to help children who are bullied by their peers because of their facial features. 

  • Football player considers plastic surgery

    In Week 4 of the 2013 NFL season, Houston Texans player J.J. Watts sustained a deep gash on the bridge on his nose after a collision with another player. The wound required six stitches, but it still continued to reopen every time he played. Now, Watts is considering going under the knife to repair the laceration and restore his nose, according to The Associated Press. 

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