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  • Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently updated the public information on its website about breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). 

    The aesthetic medical community has been aware of this disease for quite some time, and the FDA has been providing updates since 2011. 

  • How tattoos can help recreate the breast after mastectomy

    There are several factors to consider when choosing the proper elements to utilize during breast reconstructive surgery. Patients and doctors work together to choose the ideal look best suited for one's lifestyle, but women and their surgeons must also choose the proper method by which they should recreate the nipple.  

  • Breast reconstruction is more popular in some states than others

    Since silicone-gel breast implants received FDA-approval, more and more women are opting for breast implant surgery. For some women it's a simple matter of enhancing their appearance, but for those who have undergone mastectomy because of breast cancer, breast reconstruction may be critical in restoring physical, mental and social well-being. 

  • Are lightweight implants the future of breast augmentation?

    For many years, the only two options when it came to breast augmentation were silicone and saline implants. Over the years, medical professionals have added very few new methods to this procedure, including cohesive silicone gel implantation and autologous fat transfer, which is still undergoing clinical research. While doctors are reluctant to adopt new materials that have not yet been approved by the FDA, two brothers from Israel have claimed that their new approach to breast enhancement may change the game for everyone. 

  • Can breast implants improve your sex life?

    Breast augmentation can alter a woman's physique, but can it change her sex life as well? According to studies conducted by Real Self and the University of Florida, the answer is yes. 

  • Breast augmentation: Fact vs. fiction

    "Should I or shouldn't I?" many women ponder before going under the knife. Prior to considering any type of cosmetic surgery, it's important to weigh the pros and cons associated with the procedure. Deciding whether to go through with a surgery can be difficult enough without having to wade through the laundry list of myths commonly associated with the operation.  

  • Filipino lawmakers create breast implant research coalition

    Following the recent conviction of Poly Implant Prothèse founder Jean-Claude Mas, who sold breast implants with unauthorized silicone to hundreds of thousands of women across the globe, many countries are taking the one of the world's most popular plastic surgery procedures more seriously. 

  • Woman shares her reconstructive journey in Glamour docu-series

    "I wasn't ready to be in a surgical patient again," Caitlin Brodnick wrote in a blog post for Glamour magazine. "I was apprehensive, worried, and obsessed with comparing the last experience with this one." 

  • Tattoo artist helps breast reconstruction patients heal

    Adjusting to life after breast reconstruction surgery can be a struggle for many breast cancer patients, but one tattoo artist in Richmond, VA, is helping patients find some relief with a touch of ink. 

  • Are you willing to stay awake during plastic surgery?

    While there are cosmetic procedures that don't require patients to lose consciousness, most of them tend to be minimally-invasive procedures. For instance, a patient undergoing a chemical peel will only receive a low-dosage sedative and local anesthesia, while a patient who opted for breast augmentation will be given either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. 

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