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  • Many plastic surgeons link

    A plastic surgeon reports to CNN that a young man in his 20s complained, "I have man boobs," and that this problem had been getting worse over the last couple of years. The doctor noticed a familiar sweet smell, reminding him of rock concerts, wafting from the patient's body. He advised his patient, "The first thing you need to do is stop smoking pot. Marijuana could be causing your man boobs." 

  • Laser hair removal is a medical procedure

    A Brooklyn woman who underwent laser hair removal with a non-physician told The New York Times that she experienced burning pain during her third laser hair removal session. Red stripes appeared along the back of her legs, turning brown over the next few months. The operator error was to schedule her treatments four weeks apart instead of the recommended 10 to 12 weeks for legs. 

  • Filipino lawmakers create breast implant research coalition

    Following the recent conviction of Poly Implant Prothèse founder Jean-Claude Mas, who sold breast implants with unauthorized silicone to hundreds of thousands of women across the globe, many countries are taking the one of the world's most popular plastic surgery procedures more seriously. 

  • Woman shares her reconstructive journey in Glamour docu-series

    "I wasn't ready to be in a surgical patient again," Caitlin Brodnick wrote in a blog post for Glamour magazine. "I was apprehensive, worried, and obsessed with comparing the last experience with this one." 

  • First lady may consider plastic surgery in the future

    First lady Michelle Obama graces the latest cover of People magazine, but the "Mom in Chief" didn't just talk about her education, veterans or nutrition initiatives. In fact, much of the interview discussed the first lady's post-White House plans - one of which may be plastic surgery.  

    According to The Associated Press, when asked whether she would be interested in going under the knife or receiving Botox, Obama did not completely rule out plastic surgery.  

  • Tattoo artist helps breast reconstruction patients heal

    Adjusting to life after breast reconstruction surgery can be a struggle for many breast cancer patients, but one tattoo artist in Richmond, VA, is helping patients find some relief with a touch of ink. 

  • Plastic surgery app for kids causes controversy

    It's not unusual to see mobile and Web apps that center around plastic surgery, but one new program has sparked an online controversy.  

  • Are you willing to stay awake during plastic surgery?

    While there are cosmetic procedures that don't require patients to lose consciousness, most of them tend to be minimally-invasive procedures. For instance, a patient undergoing a chemical peel will only receive a low-dosage sedative and local anesthesia, while a patient who opted for breast augmentation will be given either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. 

  • How much is too much Botox in Hollywood?

    Since the Federal Drug Administration approved its use in 2003, Botox has lay claim to the title of leading cosmetic surgery procedure in the US. The non-invasive injectable treatment carries low risk of complications and is relatively painless, making it a popular facial enhancement for millions of women and men over the last decade. Recent studies have also founded that the injectable can help alleviate symptoms of overactive bladders, severe migraines and depression - boosting Botox's potential in the medical field. 

  • UK establishes national breast implant register

    Following the conviction of the founder of a French breast implant company that issued thousands of faulty, toxic implants to women across the globe, the UK government is developing a national register to record every breast augmentation procedure performed in the country.  

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