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  • Hair transplant surgery helps burn victims heal

    Cosmetic procedures are often a beacon of hope for people who have been scarred or disfigured in accidents, as well as victims of crime or disease. One example is an 11-year-old Indianapolis girl who sustained burns as an infant, but has undergone a series of operations to restore her skin and hair, according to WSMV-Nashville.  

  • Sagging earlobes get attention in the UK

    It would be nice if "Gravity" was just a 3-D movie. Instead, it is the relentless pull that works on all body parts and eventually causes descent in the most surprising areas. For example, your nose. Recently, British Mail Online ran an article about sagging earlobes, prompted by cosmetic surgery clinics that advertise earlobe surgeries. 

  • Labiaplasty and buttock augmentation: The new contenders on the block

    Each year the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) tabulates annual national statistics, indicating, among other things, the procedures that were most frequently performed during the preceding year. Right now, statisticians are collecting data for 2013. 

  • Plastic surgery boom in Britain

    When elective plastic surgery procedures show a pronounced upwards spike, you can be relatively sure the economy is also thriving. According to Mail Online, British plastic surgeons are reporting an increase in such procedures, and they attribute the increase to an improving economy. 

  • FDA gives the nod to Ultherapy for noninvasive skin lifting

    When most people agonize about fleshy extra skin under the chin or concentric rings on the neck, they immediately think about getting a facelift. Certainly, a facelift would do the trick but some cannot face a surgical procedure. Now, there's an alternative noninvasive procedure called "Ultherapy" that lifts via "sound," is commonly known as ultrasound but yields less dramatic results than a facelift. 

  • Things to know before your surgery

    Going under the knife for any reason can be a little scary, whether you're having your appendix removed or undergoing a breast augmentation. But unlike other surgeries, cosmetic procedures are surrounded by a haze of myths and unnecessary fears, from physical concerns to monetary ones. Clyde H. 

  • How much money would you spend to look like your idol?

    For Toby Sheldon, the answer is $100,000. The German-born 33-year-old was featured in a recent episode of TLC's "My Strange Addiction." In the episode, Sheldon explains how he paid thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgeries to emulate Justin Bieber's boyish features. When the young star first became famous, Sheldon said he was jealous of the youthful glow Bieber exuded.  

  • Can DNA analysis tell you what kind of skin cream to buy?

    A new, so-called scientific method is being marketed to help you find out the best way to take care of your skin. Prevention magazine reports that you can swab your cheek and mail your DNA sample to one of the new companies doing DNA skin analysis. In return, manufacturers will send you a personal analysis that will help you nurture the beauty of your skin based on your unique genetic characteristics. 

  • Stars: Never say never to cosmetic procedures

    A number of celebrities have already received and actively endorsed cosmetic procedures, and even some of Hollywood's A-list actresses who have not yet undergone surgeries have recently spoken out in favor of a little nip and tuck. Notable celebrities who have had cosmetic work done include Jennifer Grey, who underwent several rhinoplasties in 1989, and Courteney Cox Arquette, who has admitted to using Botox facial injections. 

  • Can breast implants improve your sex life?

    Breast augmentation can alter a woman's physique, but can it change her sex life as well? According to studies conducted by Real Self and the University of Florida, the answer is yes. 

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