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  • What is the Daddy Do-Over?

    Walk into any surgeon's office requesting a Mommy Makeover and they'll know exactly what sort of procedure you would like. But if you were to request a Daddy Do-Over, would your surgeon know what to expect, or would they be caught off guard by your question? 

    A rising trend known as the Daddy Do-Over has been featured in a number of news articles recently. Unlike Mommy Makeovers, the Daddy Do-Over trend does not feature a staple procedure or set of operations. The term has been used more as an all-inclusive term for the set of surgeries sought by middle-aged men. 

  • ASAPS releases 2013 statistics

    The numbers are in: According to the 2013 Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Americans spent more money on cosmetic surgery in 2013 than they did in almost five years. 

  • Breast reconstruction is more popular in some states than others

    Since silicone-gel breast implants received FDA-approval, more and more women are opting for breast implant surgery. For some women it's a simple matter of enhancing their appearance, but for those who have undergone mastectomy because of breast cancer, breast reconstruction may be critical in restoring physical, mental and social well-being. 

  • Are selfies altering our self-perception?

    There's no denying the power of the selfie. Ellen DeGeneres' star-studded selfie nearly broke Twitter with almost 3.5 million retweets, but the younger generation has been taking and posting this type of picture since photo-sharing options were first made popular on social media. 

  • Are lightweight implants the future of breast augmentation?

    For many years, the only two options when it came to breast augmentation were silicone and saline implants. Over the years, medical professionals have added very few new methods to this procedure, including cohesive silicone gel implantation and autologous fat transfer, which is still undergoing clinical research. While doctors are reluctant to adopt new materials that have not yet been approved by the FDA, two brothers from Israel have claimed that their new approach to breast enhancement may change the game for everyone. 

  • Seniors seeking surgeons

    How far would you go to snag your dream job? For some older adults, the answer is under the knife, as a rising number of people over the age of 50 have flocked to surgeons in order to stay competitive in the workplace. 

  • Medical tourism: Is it worth it?

    Americans like to cut cost corners at every bend, whether they're participating in extreme couponing or purchasing off-brand products to save a few dollars. While consumers can easily rationalize picking one cheaper item over another at the grocery store, some are more concerned with lower prices than they are about their own health. 

  • Forget Photoshop: Plastic surgeons use 3-D technology to show results

    Mirror, mirror tell me the truth: after my surgery, will I look like a brute?  

  • Combination procedures may be on the rise

    You've probably heard of the Mommy Makeover - a set of cosmetic operations meant to help moms re-gain their figures - and wondered to yourself how practical it is to get a breast augmentation, liposuction and a tummy tuck all at once. While it's not an ideal option for everyone, many plastic surgeon's have found that a package deal actually works for many women - increasingly so. 

  • Academy Award nominees win cosmetic procedures

    Members of Hollywood's most elite acting society couldn't all walk away with a coveted golden statue, but select nominees left the ceremony toting much more than just an ornamental trinket. 

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