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  • More graduates are receiving plastic surgery gifts

    Move over, shiny sports cars, more graduates than ever are requesting cosmetic procedures as gifts following their educational careers according to multiple news sources. Whether they're graduating from high school or college, a rising number of these individuals are seeking surgeries to correct or enhance features they've been self-conscious about their whole lives, such as ears, noses and breasts. 

  • Staying healthy prior to your cosmetic procedure

    Opting for cosmetic surgery is a very important decision in some people's lives. There are several precautions to take 48 hours prior to your procedure, such as heeding doctor's recommendations and avoiding unhealthy risk factors, but there are ways to substantially increase your health months before your operation - steps that may be key for guaranteeing your operation is as safe and effective as possible. 

  • What does the merger of two cosmetic giants mean?

    Allergan, the company that developed Botox as well as many other innovative multi-specialty healthcare products, has been offered $54 billion dollars to merge with Valeant, an aesthetic giant in its own right. At the moment Allergan is saying 'let's keep it in the family' while Valeant continues to nip at its heels. 

  • How tattoos can help recreate the breast after mastectomy

    There are several factors to consider when choosing the proper elements to utilize during breast reconstructive surgery. Patients and doctors work together to choose the ideal look best suited for one's lifestyle, but women and their surgeons must also choose the proper method by which they should recreate the nipple.  

  • Engagement photos may inspire hand-lifts

    Wedding season is upon us, and while some brides may be considering cosmetic procedures to help improve the fit of their gown for the big day, others are looking to slim down their hands to create more elegant engagement photos. 

  • Will a dimpleplasty improve your smile?

    Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner and Anne Hathaway may be known for their Oscar-nominated performances in a variety of films, but they are also easily recognizable by one facial feature that denotes femininity: their dimples. 

  • What is the Brazilian butt lift?

    The secret is out: Fine-tuning your fanny is one of the hottest new trends in plastic surgery, whether you're boosting your buttocks or heightening your hiney. There is a number of procedures for your posterior, and as the year continues, these operations are becoming more popular. 

  • Is your passport ready for plastic surgery abroad?

    Choosing to have plastic surgery abroad may seem appealing if the prices are lower, but choosing to have cosmetic enhancements across the border may affect more than your health. While there is a wealth of surgeons that are members of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, patients should be sure to consider all the factors before having their surgery in another country.  

  • Will Google Glass make its way into the operating room?

    A number of plastic surgeons have adopted wearable devices, 3-D technology and robotic assistants while working with patients, but will Google Glass affect the way medical professionals communicate with patients or conduct their surgeries? 

    At the 2014 Aesthetic Meeting in San Francisco, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery announced a number of advancements that would impact the realm of cosmetic surgery in the future. Google Glass was featured for the ways it could affect plastic surgery not only in the operating room, but during patient consultations as well. 

  • Athletes seek cosmetic surgery after sports injuries

    With all the bashing, hitting and crushing associated with popular sports, it's no surprise that a number of the nation's top athletes seek surgeries to fix flaws acquired while playing the game.  

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