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  • Crafting cheekbones with cosmetic surgery

    From chin implants to facelifts, there are a variety of procedures that can alter the appearance of one's face. Individuals looking to add a bit of plumpness or definition to their cheeks may benefit from cheek augmentation or facial implants, both surgeries that can affect cheek structure. 

  • Surgeons team up for new plastic surgery reality TV series

    Many individuals have made the news recently for their outlandish plastic surgery requests, from the man who wants to look like a Ken doll to the woman who got surgery to resemble Jessica Rabbit. While these instances are rare, they leave us wondering: What happens if they aren't happy with their results? 

  • Study reveals higher level of safety at accredited facilities

    Millions of people across the globe request cosmetic procedures each year, whether they're looking to improve the appearance of their bodies following extreme weight loss or looking to make their face a bit more symmetrical with corrective surgery. While most individuals remain aware of the ramifications that may occur following their surgeries, some do not recognize the importance of investing in a board-certified plastic surgeon. 

  • Protecting your skin from the sun

    As summertime is in full bloom, men and women across the country jump on the opportunity to spend time outdoors, basking in the sun and all its glory. While these months provide the perfect time to lounge by the beach, they also pose a serious threat to the skin if proper precautions are not made. 

    Maintaining skin health is essential all year-round, but be sure to keep the following in mind as you prep for your summer outings. 

  • Tell me more about the mommy makeover

    Motherhood can be one of the most rewarding journeys for a woman. Giving birth may not be the most pleasant experience, but the spoils of motherhood frequently overshadow painful memories from childbirth. 

  • Ensuring safety for Botox and filler injections

    There are a variety of choices available when electing for a nonsurgical, injectable procedure. Whether you're looking to minimize wrinkles, add firmness to your face or provide a bit more plumpness to your cheeks, fillers can help greatly impact the structure and appearance of desired areas. 

  • Surgeons see rise in interest for eyebrow transplants

    Some women prefer plucking their brows until they have to fill in the space with makeup pencils while others opt for a more natural shape, but according to a new report from Transform, a rising number of people are seeking eyebrow transplants to resemble the bushier brows of stars like Brooke Shields and Cara Delevingne. 

  • Nipping wrinkles with neck lifts

    Plastic surgeons have seen an increase in demand for neck lifts for a variety of reasons this past year, ranging from the desire to decrease sagging skin associated with aging to looking to lift the area after substantial weight loss. However, according to one New York-based surgeon, technology may be one of the greatest contributors to the rising popularity of this procedure. 

  • Examining the different types of ear surgery

    Individuals looking to add a little​ oomph to their ears are in luck, as there exist a number of procedures specifically geared toward restructuring these prominent lobes. While some patients are looking to correct ears that are seemingly too large or misshapen, others seek procedures that will allow them to don unusual shapes based on their favorite fictional characters. 

  • How permanent will your cosmetic procedure be?

    When patients opt for plastic surgery, some expect the results to last forever, while others plan to have follow-ups every few years. No two operations are the same, but people should research their operations prior to going under the knife, examining whether their results are there to stay, or if they should book additional appointments in the future. 

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