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  • Listen up men: Prevent buttock loss!

    Men have always suffered the indignities of hair loss, but the Australian Financial Review suggests if you're over 40, you may also be a victim of buttock loss. 

    Not every man suffers from loss of buttock volume. It is more likely in men who spend their days sitting or, worse, sitting tilted forward over a keyboard. To add insult, your buttock fullness may migrate forward to your belly if it doesn't just 'flat out' disappear. 

  • Bullying: Does it get better with plastic surgery?

    Little kids in the schoolyard might go around chanting, "Words will never hurt me," but we all know that excess teasing and bullying can have a damaging impact on self-esteem, classroom performance and relationships. In some cases, cyberbullying has even led to the tragic suicides of middle- and high-school students. 

    What if you could end bullying once and for all with a plastic surgery procedure? Recent news reports and trends suggest that this is exactly what American children and teenagers are doing. 

  • Summit shines a light on post-breast cancer techniques

    A group of Long Island, NY-based plastic surgeons recently held its annual conference, highlighting the new ways in which doctors can better treat breast cancer patients. According to a statement released by the group, an audience of 500 plastic surgeons, medical staff representing more than 20 New York hospitals and breast cancer survivors attended the event, which detailed the latest innovations in breast cancer treatment and reconstructive surgery.  

  • Facial procedures might lift your mood

    Going under the knife has numerous benefits, one of which might be to lift your self-esteem - particularly in the case of rhinoplasty. A recent study from researchers at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia found that patients who have received nose jobs saw a rise in their self-confidence and overall improvement of their lifestyle, according to Reuters. 

  • Patients find hope in plastic surgery after breast cancer

    Many mastectomy patients consider reconstruction surgery following breast cancer treatment, but oftentimes, it's not a decision made lightly. Undergoing breast reconstruction surgery not only presents a major change to your lifestyle, but can also affect one's body and mentality. However, by working closely with oncologists, plastic surgeons are helping breast cancer patients find new life and dignity in the wake of their intensive treatments.  

  • Hand-in-hand, Florida couples receive cosmetic procedures

    For those looking to give their significant other an unconventional anniversary gift, his and hers Botox injections might be just the thing. According to The Sun-Sentinel, plastic surgeons in South Florida are seeing an uptick in couples receiving joint plastic surgery procedures, ranging from injectables to body-contouring. 

  • Can Botox injections cure your blues?

    Over the years Botox has evolved from a procedure to reduce wrinkles and frown lines to a treatment for various medical conditions, such as migraine headaches, incontinence and even excessive sweating. Now, new research suggests that the injectable might become a leading way to ease depression. 

  • Breast implants get a high-tech update

    As technology continues to improve at exponential rates, it's no surprise that it would soon trickle over into the world of plastic surgery. From laser sculpting to virtual 3-D imaging, surgeons and their patients are increasingly benefiting from innovative digital tools to enhance the plastic surgery experience. Now, a French and Belgian company has taken plastic surgery - specifically, breast implants - to a whole new level.  

  • Plastic surgery and Marilyn Monroe: What is the real truth?

    "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," next to her plastic surgeon. Many have wondered if Monroe relied on plastic surgery to fill in nature's gaps and lately that speculation has increased. 

    X-rays of the Monroe's skull and medical records, alluding to cosmetic surgery on her chin and nose, will be auctioned in Beverly Hills on Nov. 10. Of note is that the right to medical privacy ends 50 years after a person's death and Monroe died 51 years ago. 

  • FaceTime leads to dramatic increase in chin implants

    Have you ever hit your iPhone "FaceTime" button by mistake? You will be startled by an image of yourself that is a far cry from how you look in a mirror. Your FaceTime image can range from unflattering to grotesque. Your eyes will be lowered, your nostrils will be prominent, your jaw will be set, the corners of your mouth downturned and, if you are a certain age, your chin will be pebbly, like the seashore. 

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