Women have many options for a wrinkle-free bust

Women have many options for a wrinkle-free bust
Best treatments for smoothing wrinkled skin

Wrinkles in the cleavage area are often a sign of early aging, commonly appearing in middle-aged women. According to The New York Times, these deep, vertical lines result from gravity, hours of sleeping on one's side and a lack of collagen, which decreases in the body as women grow older.

"It is definitely something women complain about," one California-based plastic surgeon told the news source via email. "Most of what we have to offer is skincare to try and plump up the skin."

A new support system
Chest wrinkles might not just be the result of aging. According to the news source, the cleavage lines can appear after years of wearing push-up and sports bras, which tend to press the breasts together for hours at a time. This is why several women have developed new support systems to block the appearance of chest wrinkles.

There are several products on the market that, while unconventional, might help to eliminate some of these lines, the new source reported. One such product is a bra shaped with a contoured cylinder meant to be  worn between the breasts at night.

"When I got it, I thought, there's no way this is going to work," 40-year-old Lisa Barr told the news source. "It didn't even weigh two ounces."

However, Barr said she noticed fewer lines on her chest after consistently wearing the bra each night for several weeks.

Nonsurgical options
While it might be difficult to prevent chest wrinkles from forming, there are various skincare methods to reduce chest wrinkles for a smooth, younger looking décolletage. Many plastic surgeons suggest using a combination of skincare and laser skin resurfacing treatments to improve spots and skin texture on the chest.  Various IPL, laser and light therapies can also help with tightening loose skin.

If you'd like an effective treatment dealing with chest wrinkles, visit a board-certified plastic surgeon for professional recommendations.