New products and procedures with big promise

New products and procedures with big promise
New products and procedures with big promise

Has that sweet bird of youth finally flown the coop? Not to worry. A new breed of products and procedures is finally here and promising to bring that beautiful birdie back to his perch. Gone are yesterday’s slow, overly pulled and puffed results, in lieu of instant (or nearly), natural looking beauty breakthroughs offering solutions to the fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations of an aging complexion.

Plastic surgeons of the past took a “see a line and fill it approach” when it came to using volumizing fillers to treat the signs of aging, and didn’t necessarily treat generalized volume loss as one of the core causes of an aged appearance. Enter today’s newest weapon in your plastic surgeon’s anti-aging arsenal: Juvéderm Voluma.

Recently approved by the FDA for midface volume loss, plastic surgeons are injecting Juvéderm Voluma at the key points in the cheeks to restore volume, soften fine lines and lift the folds near the mouth instead of filling them. And bonus: Juvéderm Voluma is completely reversible and can last for up to two years.

Another breakthrough product being praised by doctors is Boletero Balance. Used as a fine line filler, Boletero Balance was designed to integrate into the skin rather than plumping it up, meaning it can be injected into shallow areas without any tell-tale under the skin bumps. And there’s no need to fear the dreaded “duck lip” look caused by other fillers, because Boletero is thin enough to be used to fill the fine lines around the mouth (and under eye troughs and tiny creases on the upper cheeks and forehead) without patients ever looking overdone.

Despite the (literally) glowing results, many women have not discovered the wonderful world of laser resurfacing for one reason or another, thus settling for a less-than radiant complexion. A new procedure that can brighten your complexion called Clear + Brilliant inflicts millions of microscopic wounds on the upper layer of the skin (much like lasers) to help dissolve any unwanted pigmentation and encourage new collagen growth. But just think, for the price of 15-30 minutes of mild discomfort, a few hours of redness and some mild peeling, Clear + Brilliant can treat mild wrinkling and sun damaged skin with minimal downtime, pain and cost.

So while it’s true that no amount of product or procedure is going to literally turn back the hands of time, these new treatments are offering up immediate and natural-looking results that help us fight the appearance of time.

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