How to Keep Hands Looking Young

How to Keep Hands Looking Young

After years of cleaning, dishwashing or even sunbathing and driving, many women have developed a tell-tale sign of aging that isn’t on their face – it’s their hands.

In a recent issue of Good Housekeeping, a 52-year old reporter realized she needed hand rejuvenation to help her tired-looking, aging hands. So, over a six month period, she tried in-office and home treatments to target her problem areas: dry, red skin, age spots, loose, wrinkly skin and protruding veins.

Her advice? Keep hands moisturized.

  • When you can, use a non-soap cleanser like Cetaphil that can be wiped off. That way you don’t pull out any moisture from your skin.
  • Always use gloves when you wash dishes, clean or do any gardening.
  • Use heavy creams and ointments that have glycerin, petroleum, ceramides or hyaluronic acid to moisturize. You can make this more effective by wearing cotton gloves at night after applying.

For age spots caused by sun exposure - laser is your best bet – Nd:YAG, DioLite and Ruby lasers target brown pigments. For an overall treatment targeting spots and wrinkles – IPL or a Fractional Laser can be used. Both require 3-5 sessions to see the best results.

And lastly, for loose skin and raised veins – retinoids help increase skin thickness, while chemical peels help renew cells and tighten loose skin. The DioLite laser can also shrink veins. But for the most immediate results, a synthetic filler like Radiesse will smooth out and fill in hands to give them a youthful appearance.

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