Eye have it figured out

Eye have it figured out
Best ways to combat dark circles, sagging lids, crepe like skin, limp lashes, and wrinkles

Here's the thing about aging… somehow it sneaks up on you. I mean, common sense says it will happen and yet none of us are prepared. Instead, we're shocked! In fact, my revelation went kinda like this: One morning I looked in the mirror and thought, holy crap sometime between last night and today I aged like 20 years. Seriously, when I went to bed last night I was at least a decade younger. My eyes are puffy and those dark circles… what happened? Did I get into a melee last night when I got up to pee?

And what's with the crows feet, when did they get there? And those bags that look like they'd have to be checked at LaGuardia, have I always had them?

What about that furrow in my brow? Is it there because I'm worrying about aging? Let me think of happy things and see if it goes away, ummmm lattes, someone in my home cleaning up after themselves.

Nope, still there! (Oh, and really Jenny, those are your happy thoughts? Add, researching new happy thoughts to your to do list!)

That fun little scenario in which I realized I'm old is why I started tackling the eye area first in my foray into anti-aging. It's also why I found a good therapist… oh and Dr. Adam Rubinstein, a well-known board certified plastic surgeon in Miami, FL to help me break the eye down and tell you the best ways to treat each area.

1. Crows feet and wrinkles around eyes: Wow, when we said we’d rather stick needles in our eyes, who knew we meant it? Yes, I'm talking Botox and other neurotoxins like Dysport and the newest to hit the scene, Xeomin. They really do work (yes, I've tried them) and they can smooth out those crows feet and un-crease those lines between your brow. Of course the trick is to notice the signs as they start to appear, and begin preventing more wrinkles rather than treat the ones you have (if your revelation was like mine, just start treating).

If you've tried Botox or Dysport and had short lasting results, consider giving Xeomin a try.

If your creases are deep, you can pair a neurotoxin with a filler like Perlane or Belotero (which is a new star on the scene). Dr. Rubinstein says that even one or two rounds with a filler may be enough to "reprogram" the wrinkles, so that you can go forward with a neurotoxin only.

A Fractional CO2 laser is also great at resurfacing fine lines around the eyes.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT for Radio frequency treatments that could replace neurotoxins. ThermiRase which relaxes the muscle by cutting off the nerves that neurotoxins are aimed at - should offer results that may be long lasting and immediate. Don't get too excited, it hasn't gotten approval, but when it hits the market, you'll be all, "Yeah, duh, Jenny from the Blog told me about that like forever ago." Do you still say, "duh," because that's weird, you should stop.)

2. Dark circles: There's not a ton to do for the darkness. It's not about exhaustion, though I suggest blaming it on exhaustion, especially when you want sympathy or a new pair of shoes… it's about the skin being thin and getting thinner allowing the blood vessels to show through. Like the swatch watch you coveted in 1986, Fractional CO2 laser can help as it can thicken the skin while it resurfaces.

You can also use your retinol cream around your eyes, if they aren't too sensitive to it. Dr. Rubinstein, said, if he had to pick a product (and I made him!) he'd go with Jan Marini Dark Circle Eye Defense, which is a peptide/retinol cream that helps correct pigmentation, inflammation, and discoloration. I've already ordered it.

3. Crepe like skin: I always thought crepes seemed like such a chic meal, until everyone started using it to describe the texture under their eyes.

Dr. Rubinstein was pretty cut and dry on this one … Fractional CO2 laser. It resurfaces the skin and removes the outer layers to promote collagen growth. The fractional part means that it does this with a bunch of tiny dots… like a screen or filter, which translates to quicker recovery.

PS They better not start using escargot to explain some slow moving spider vein issue or I'll never be able to go to a French restaurant again!

  • This laser works best on fair to medium skin tones. It can also help tighten excess skin and droop.
  • If there is a lot of excess skin or bulging fat in the lower lid a lower lid lift may be the answer.

4. Upper lid issues:
There are two kinds of upper lid problems:
A) The ones that droop, which I seem to have acquired (see my piece: Holy Crap I'm Old and My Eyelids Don't Match Anymore for more on that revelation) and B) hollowed out upper lids.

For a droopy lid, the fat can be trimmed to even out the eyes, open up the eyes, and freshen up the eyes. It also makes it look like you're less bored with what people are saying.

For a sunken eye, fat can be transferred to fill the upper and outer lid by harvesting just a tiny amount through a micro lipo procedure. It tends to make the person look younger and less like a skeleton (which is only useful during Halloween).

5. Eyelashes: Ever notice how kids' eyelashes are amazing? They are, and probably when we were kids ours where pretty spectacular. Now, eh… not so much. I'm a big fan of putting fakes on (Yes, I have a how-to, but I'm a bigger fan of the results I've seen in friends that use Latisse and other prescription lash enhancers. I know you're afraid of Latisse changing the pigment of your eyes, which is incredibly unlikely, though it may darken the skin at the lash line. Dr. Rubinstein says he hasn't had any patients report a problem, but offers MariniLash as an alternative product. He says it's a close second and doesn't have the pigment change possibility; it's also a lot cheaper (he recommends using it twice a day).

Yes, I'll be getting some and I will report back. Maybe I can just do a Morse code video with my lashes … if all works out, that is.

So for the cliff notes:
• Look for the onset of signs.
• Find well trained Doctor.
• Neurotoxins ASAP.
• Fractional CO2 covers a lot of ground.
• Find better happy places.
• Get prescription for lashes.
• Stop naming things after yummy French food.
• Share this with any friends who are aging, but don't say that when you share it I noticed you're aging or this article on aging made me think of you.

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