Can cosmetic surgery counter-effect gravity?

Can cosmetic surgery counter-effect gravity?
Can cosmetic surgery counter effect gravity?

Are we alone in the universe? Will we ever branch out to other planets? And, more importantly, how will space affect our skin?

People have long speculated about the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and setting up camp on a planet that is not our own, but how realistic is this possibility? According to CNN, the human race may not be too far off from residing on new plants, as NASA recently reported that it found a planet similar to Earth in both size and atmosphere.

As more people have started to wonder about life in the Final Frontier, several are left with questions concerning transportation, currency and, of course, appearance. Following a publication from New Scientist magazine, several Internet commenters engaged in a discussion concerning what would happen to our skin during extraterrestrial travel, and how astronauts may be able to use cosmetic procedures to stay young in space.

Readers wonder how cosmetics may effect space travel
Although few people have had the opportunity to visit space, it is common knowledge that the atmosphere is much different up there. But how could these differences affect the elasticity of our skin, and can we prevent it? Gizmodo recently reported on the exchange between readers, quoting the questioner who explained that since lines and sagging skin could be attributed to gravity, "If I lived in a space station in zero or microgravity away from the sun, would I stay looking young?"

Another commenter explained that the skin is most likely to stretch, as without gravity, the human form may move in any direction, distorting regular features. Gizmodo explained that one solution could help humans to retain or regain their forms in this circumstance: plastic surgery.

While the entire situation is hypothetical, it allows scientists to examine the ways in which these procedures could be beneficial for people in the future. For example, astronauts who spend an extended amount of time in space and see the effects in their appearance may be able to turn to cosmetic operations, which would help them to tighten any extended skin or fix any misshapen features. Additionally, the source noted that undergoing procedures prior to space travel may be key to preventing skin from stretching during the intergalactic journey, as chemicals within anti-aging treatments may help keep the skin firm. 

Procedures can help people fight against gravity's pull
It may take a few hundred years before we can truly examine how space travel will affect our skin, but there are ways that people can combat gravity's effects on Earth's soil. Time may be the biggest factor affecting skin's elasticity down on Earth, but procedures, such as facelifts and laser skin resurfacing, can help people to retain the youthful glow they once had. Although we may not be able to distinguish how to protect our skin in space, we can prevent gravity from wreaking havoc on our skin. Interested individuals should consult with a board-certified surgeon prior to deciding upon a procedure.