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  • You Are What You Eat: How Sugar Is Aging Your Skin.

    It’s not always easy to navigate your way through the day without a little help from a salty, crispy bag of chips, 7 dark chocolate brownies, a glass (or 3) of red wine, or all. the. cheese. We feel you. Yet despite our empathy, we feel obliged to the truth. And the truth is: Your favorite comfort food/beverage is likely wreaking havoc on your skin.  

    You: (Inserting another chocolate covered almond into your mouth) Really? Do tell. 

  • Sun Damage Drama: Anti-Aging Treatments For Sun Ravaged Skin

    While there are plenty of apps out there that claim to be able to judge one’s age with precision, none can compare with the stone cold, in-person experience of another human’s eyeball scanning your complexion for signs to your true age. And since the day has yet to arrive when we can replicate the Insta filters, selfie angles and amateur lighting of a cell phone IRL (in real life), it’s probably a good idea to look at one of the biggest culprits used to size up the age on your driver’s license—and that culprit is your skin.  

  • Eye Spy: Anti-Aging Answers For Treating Your Eyes

    If your shut-in winter status has left you with lots of time to fixate on the ravages of Father Time, you may have noticed that your eyes—once simply the windows to your soul—are now a reflection of something a lot less appealing. As we age, fine lines, under-eye baggage, and sagging and hooded eyelids start to bely the fact that, hey, we’re not getting any younger. That doesn’t mean we have to take it lying down. 

  • Crow’s Feet: Why We Get Them And What We Can Do About It.

    Whoever came up with the term 'crow’s feet' must have had a serious vendetta toward the signs of aging… or toward crows. Either way, it's that term that stuck, and now here we are describing those pesky wrinkles at the outer corners of each eye as that… crow’s feet. While not always an indicator of age—crow’s feet do tend to make one appear older. And most of us can agree that the pesky lines are one sign of aging that we can do without. 

  • What is a Thread Lift?

    Have you looked in the mirror and felt that you don’t quite look like ‘yourself’ anymore? This a common sentiment among patients due to a multitude of factors such as time, gravity and good ol’ heredity. You’ve maybe even thought about surgery, but aren’t quite ready to go under the knife for a facelift. If this is the case, you might be interested to hear about a nonsurgical option that can deliver some of the benefits of a traditional facelift on a less-invasive scale. 

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