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  • Essay by Jessica B.

    What exactly is "Smart Beauty"? Is it the ability to understand that you can buy quality makeup without spending a fortune? Is it that you should steer away from non name brand cosmetics and only stick with big labels? I happen to feel that neither of those contributes to "Smart Beauty". To know what Smart Beauty is, is to know yourself.

  • Essay by Kristy L.

    What does Smart Beauty mean to me? Smart Beauty to me means feeling your best while not having to spend your last penny to do so. Smart Beauty to me means looking great while not having to try too hard. More importantly, Smart Beauty to me means being able to teach my daughters that beauty is deeper than your weight, the makeup you have on, the clothes you wear, or if you have the coolest hair style. Smart Beauty is about believing in yourself, being confident, not being afraid to be intelligent, and trusting who you are inside and out. That is what Smart Beauty means to me.

  • Essay by Anuja J.

    A beautiful woman is attractive but a smart and beautiful woman is irresistible. While most women aspire to become the latter, only few become it. The reason is not because there are not enough smart and beautiful women around but because they try too hard to become someone they are not.

  • Essay by Karren M.

    I have been pondering what Smart Beauty really is. It sounds like a simple concept. It could involve being thrifty about our beauty product purchases. It could mean utilizing the latest technology , proven to enhance our youthfulness. Smart Beauty might just mean how we view our essential nature that we have a beautiful spirit. For myself, I wanted to expound on this subject a little further. What is a better way to explore this topic? Let's get break Smart Beauty down to the basics, ladies!

  • Essay by Allison F.

    In my opinion, smart beauty is a way of life. It is your emotional well being. It is your mindset. It is even your soul.

    Taking care of yourself, not just physically, but mentally, plays a huge role in my idea of smart beauty.