Harold C. Bautista MD

Fredericksburg, VA, US
Harold C. Bautista MD

About the Practice

Practice Philosophy

 “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder” and “Safety! Safety! Safety!” are the tenets of my Practice Philosophy.
No two patients are exactly alike (not even identical twins). Having grown up in the suburbs of the melting pot, better known as Manhattan, I realized that attractiveness can mean different things to patients of varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This is contrary to what ads in Glamour and People magazines would like us to believe. The Art of Listeningis a skill I constantly strive to improve.

I don’t believe in using a cookie-cutter approach to patient consultations; I’ll paint a mental picture of your expectations after listening closely to your likes and dislikes about your face and/or body.  This allows me to choose the correct combination of safe, cost-effective and science proven treatments/surgical procedures that will provide the best chance of reaching your aesthetic goals. I promise to be honest if the available technology and/or expertise will be unable to deliver your expectation. I attend in depth training seminars twice a year to hone my surgical and diagnostic skills. I am not afraid to pick the brains of my professors if I come across a patient whose aesthetic goals and anatomy are of extraordinary complexity I have a network of international experts in NYC and DC who concentrate on one or two procedures and take on very challenging cases. I frequently will consult with them about patients with complex anatomy or goals.  Although this happens rarely, my pride never gets in the way of sending a very complex patient their way if I believe they’ll be better served at those teaching institutions. 

Your safety is of equal importance to me when discussing your aesthetic goals.  Our facility accreditation with AAAASF assures that your procedure will be performed with many protocols and checklists to minimize complications during the procedure. The safety checklist, however, starts with our first meeting. I will thoroughly look over your medical and surgical history and decide if you are medically fit to have all the procedures you are interested in completed in one day.  It may be safer for you to break up your wish list of procedures to two or more operating days spaced weeks apart. It may be safer to first clear up your medical issues before proceeding with the elective surgery you desire. As much as I hate to disappoint patients, I do so if their medical safety is a concern.

Over the past two decades living by these guidelines has minimized my complication rate and has boosted my satisfaction rating!

Practice Specialization

Over two decades Dr. Bautista’s surgical practice has evolved into one that is primarily cosmetic (90%) ; the other 10% involves reconstructive procedures for patients with Breast or Skin cancers.
Dr. Bautista has chosen to concentrate his skills and effort on three Cosmetic Surgery areas:

- Breast Contouring Surgery (augmentation, lift, reduction)

- Facial Youth Restoration(Facelifts: full and mini; Browlifts; Eyelid tucks; Laser and Chemical peels and injectables)

- Body Contouring Surgery ( Liposuction: Laser type- Smart Lipo, aka Cool Lipo and Slim Lipo, Ultrasonic type- Lysonix, aka Vaser, Ultrasculpt, Power Assisted type-Microaire and Conventional Tumescent Liposuction). Fat Injections/transplants

Because of these areas of concentration Dr. Bautista chooses not to perform Rhinoplasties (nose reshaping), Hair restoration, cheek or buttock implants.

Background & Certification

Board Certification

1996 Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
2006 Recertification by the ABPS

Professional Background

1986 Medical Degree  from New York Medical College with clinical rotations in  New York City

1986 - 1990 Residency in General Surgery – Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC)

1990 - 1991 Chief Resident of Trauma at NUMC

1991 - 1993 Residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Long Island Plastic Surgical Group – Garden City, NY
Burn Unit at Nassau University Medical Center
Center for Craniofacial Surgery – North Shore University Hospital  (part of  New York Hospital-Cornell University System)

Affiliations & Memberships

Society Memberships

American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS)
American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

Operation Smile- World Journey of Hope - Kalibo, Philippines1999
The Smile Train- Rajahmundry, India 2008

Your Consultation

During your first consultation at PSSF ( www.plasticsurgeryservices.com ) you will meet personally with Dr. Bautista to discuss the various treatments and procedures available to you to reach your aesthetic goals. You will probably also meet one of his nurses and/or Dana, his patient coordinator.  They will provide you with a printed price quote and offer you, from first hand experience, pointers on what to expect with regards to preparing for the day of surgery and the recovery afterwards. You should set aside about 1.5 to 2 hours for entire First Consultation experience

Staff & Facilities

Surgical Facility

Dr Bautista performs the vast majority of his cosmetic surgical procedures in his AAAASF accredited Aesthetic Surgery Center at PSSF ( www.aaaasf.org ). This provides patients safety and value that they seek.  If necessary Dr Bautista can perform procedures at
Mary Washington Regional Medical and Trauma Center - Fredericksburg, VA
Stafford Regional Hospital- Stafford, VA

Skin Care Products

Dr. Bautista follows the guidelines of the ASAPS directed website www.beautyforlife.com   when giving recommendations to patients regarding Youth Restoring treatments and procedures. His patients are often thrilled to learn that a physician directed skin care program like Obagi Nuderm ( www.obagi.com ) can erase years of sun damage and early signs of facial aging. Some patients will require injectables like Botox or Restylane. Others may need a few treatments with the Fraxel: Restore laser to refresh and tighten the skin. Dr. Bautista offers these non surgical treatments in his office.

Payment Options

VALUE:  Dr. Bautista believes that he can deliver metropolitan or “big city” quality care at fees more in line with the national average for a particular operation.  This creates a great value for his patients who get high end care without the high end prices seen in NYC or DC. His free standing accredited surgical suite adds to the competitiveness of his procedural fees.  
Visa, Mastercard and cash are accepted
Personal checks are accepted 2 weeks before the date of surgery

Financing is provided by third party companies like Care Credit.

Harold C. Bautista MD

3312 Fall Hill Avenue,
Fredericksburg, VA, 22405, US

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