Elliott H. Rose MD, FACS

New York, NY, US
Elliott H. Rose MD, FACS

About the Practice

Practice Specialization

Dr. Rose specializes in:

  • Facial Reconstructive/Cosmetic Surgery
  • Breast Surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Laser Resurfacing

Background & Certification

Board Certification

American Board of Plastic Surgery: 1979

Professional Background

Undergraduate degree: University of Houston
Medical School: University of Texas at Galveston
Internship: UCLA Medical Center
Surgical Residency: UCLA, John Hopkins Medical Center
Plastic Surgery Residency: Stanford University Medical
Post-residency training: UCSF-Microsurgery Fellowship

Teaching Appointments

Associate Clinical Professor - Mount Sinai/NYU Medical Center

Affiliations & Memberships

Hospital Affiliations

Mount Sinai/NYU Medical Center
Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC
Beth Israel Hospital - Singer Division

Society Memberships

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
American Burn Association
American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery
International Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery
American Association of Plastic Surgeons

Your Consultation

The initial consultation is an opportunity for you to communicate your desires and expectations to Dr. Rose and establish a rapport with him. At this time Dr. Rose will explain at length the treatment options, techniques of the proposed surgery, and the risks involved. A video image will be taken of your face or body and modified on the computer to simulate the desired surgical outcome. Dr. Rose will outline a customized plan designed to achieve your most optimal appearance. Informational brochures and fact sheets describing each procedure will be provided to you for review, as well as information about our office, services, and staff.

At this time, a medical history will be taken. It is a good idea to bring any medical records that may be pertinent to the consultation. Also, alert Dr. Rose to any allergies or health problems you may have, what medicines or vitamins you are taking, and whether or not you smoke.

After you have met with Dr. Rose, the office administrator, Ms. Linda Ossias, will speak with you regarding costs and scheduling. Some reconstructive procedures may be covered by insurance. If so, a comprehensive letter of predetermination of benefits will be submitted by Dr. Rose to the insurance company prior to the surgery. Please bring all insurance information and necessary ID forms to the initial consultation to expedite the process.

Staff & Facilities

Surgical Facility

Most cases are carried out in our state of the art, office based outpatient surgical facility, The Aesthetic Surgery Center. Founded in 1995, the center is licensed by New York State as a Corporation and has a separate Tax ID number for billing purposes (important for third party indemnification).

The facility is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Incorporated (AAAASF), a national accreditation program certifying to the medical and lay communities that a surgical facility meets nationally recognized standards.

Each facility is meticulously inspected initially and every three years by a certified surgeon inspector. Criteria include physical conformity of the operating and recovery; adequacy and maintenance of monitoring equipment; emergency "crash cart" for airway control and updated intravenous medications administration; uniformity and consistency of medical records; program of quarterly assessment and peer review; employee standards and their record verification.

Unrestricted hospital privileges are held for each every procedure performed at The Aesthetic Surgery Center. Additionally, the center is in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA); National and Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) regulations; and National Fire Protection association (NFPA) standards.

Major facial reconstructive or microsurgical cases are performed at the prestigious Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Founded in 1852, The Mount Sinai Medical Center, a 1200 bed teaching hospital, is a tertiary center of excellence for facial reconstructive surgery and attracts patients from all over the world.

Computer Imaging

As part of the initial consultation, sophisticated imaging software is used to assist Dr. Rose in analyzing the face or body and project a "reasonable outcome" following surgery. Traditionally, the plastic surgeon has used adjectives such as "elegant" or "refined" to describe his visual perception of the anticipated surgical results to the patients. These descriptions, based on the surgeon's own intuitive creativity and experience, may differ from the patient's "fantasy" desires. With this technology, that gap between the surgeon and patient's expectations is bridged by a visual representation approximating the surgical changes.

In our office, we use Mirror II Imaging Software (Canfield Scientific Inc.,Fairfield, New Jersey) to modify the video image and develop a surgical plan that is acceptable to both patient and surgeon. This "communication tool" eliminates "surprises" and gives the patient a feeling of participating in the decision making process. Dr. Rose benefits by being able to develop a specific "map" of the surgical plan to assist in planning and that he can review with the patient at the preoperative visit.

Despite the fact that there is no guarantee that the final outcome will precisely match the projected computer image, most patients are very understanding and appreciate the opportunity to have direct input into the surgical planning. In Dr. Rose's experience, the actual surgical outcome is often better than the projected computer image because of the three dimensionality of the latter. Nevertheless, all patients are required to sign an "informed consent" prior to medical imaging and photography.

Skin Care Products

Associate clinical dermatologist for Botox, collagen injections, microdermabrasion and laser treatments.

Elliott H. Rose MD, FACS

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