Is this implant extrusion?

I had a breast augmentation on July 2 ; saline under the muscle, 475 ccs left & 575 ccs right. I developed a seroma had a second surgery on July 22. The doctor took the implant out cleaned everything and put it back in. The doctor also took cultures and placed a drain in. Cultures were negative. Yesterday I noticed a black hole in my incision with light leakage. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow but I am stressing. I've been through so much with this breast and I don't understand why I'm having so many problems.

I am so sorry to hear of the difficulty that you are having. Hopefully you have seen your surgeon and your implant is not exposed.

Extrusion of a breast implant occurs when the breast implant becomes exposed after the overlying breast tissue closure has failed.

The most common sign of impending breast implant extrusion is the release of a significant amount of clear fluid usually from the area of the incision. Typically the amount of fluid is enough to wet your bra or blouse.

The "black hole could represent the color of your implant if the implant has been exposed.

Please see your surgeon as soon as possible for evaluation. Hopefully what you are experiencing is a superficial wound problem and not extrusion.

Good luck.

Brooke R. Seckel MD, FACS
Brooke R. Seckel MD, FACS
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