How can I get rid of scar tissue around the areola of my breast after having augmentation and then breast lift surgery?

I had gotten breast implants and six months later I went back to get a breast lift. The doctor moved my nipple up some and I now have scar tissue which is around the side of the nipple. It is very noticeable especially if I wear tight clothing. It looks like I have two nipples. It is very hard and about the size of a dime. I want to know if there is anything I can do to remove this. I had the surgery over two years ago.

Avoid steroid injections for scars around the nipple areola-they can cause tissue atrophy and widening of the scar.

Laser treatments with the 1540 non ablative erbium laser can be very helpful. If all else fails a surgical revision may be required.

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Brooke R. Seckel MD, FACS
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