My chin and smile is still different than original 4 weeks after chin implant removal? Will my chin return to original shape?

I had a solid silicone Implantech extended anatomical small size 5.5mm chin implant placed under my chin. After keeping it only 2 days I had it removed. There was no infection: I was sure just sure I wouldn’t like it. Four weeks have passed and I have lack of movement in my lower lip. The right side of my lower lip doesn’t go down when i smile or talk. It makes my smile look crooked, small and forced. Altough it is improving slowly I want to know if this is a nerve or muscle damage and will it ever be %100 back to normal. It makes my speech weird since my lower lip doesn’t move as before. I have numbness and tigtness. The numbness is slowly getting better, however the tightness still there. Lastly my chin is still so much bigger and longer than my original chin; It is really hard and doesn’t move when I am laughing and talking which makes my face look so unnatural. Will it get softer? Will my chin go back to its pre-operation shape? Will the muscle redrape bone and pockets shrink back? Also i have a soft painless colorless lump in the right side of my chin/jaw where implants right wing used to be. I dont know if its a seroma or scar tissue. It doesnt decrease from day1 no improvement at all. It makes my chin look crooked and that side longer and bigger. Should i get it drained with a needle? Will it resolve itself or will it become scar tissue and stay there? My right side is worse then left side of the chin. Since it’s been four weeks should I be concerned? I am a healthy female 25 years old: the implant was small and stayed there only two days. I need second thoughts, expert opinion. I will be so glad if I can get realistic answers, I really want to know whats waiting for me?


You have many good questions and should feel comfortable asking your treating surgeon these questions. Many of your questions can be a result of you just having surgery. While 4 weeks may seem like a life time, it does take time for things to settle down. If you still feel concerned, it would best if you seek a consultation from an ASAPS member near you. Sometimes, a face-to-face consultation may be a good thing.

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Michael I. Kulick MD
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